I have really thick, dense hair, which is hard to style.

I have a lot of hair strands on my head and sometimes find it difficult to style my hair. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any hair products or styles to make my life a little bit easier. Also I think I have type 4 hair. Thanks!!!

3 Answers

Type 4 hair is soooo versatile. There's so much you can do with it! Here's a whole section on this website that is dedicated to Type 4 coils: http://www.naturallycurly.com/topics/view/kinky-h...
I have type 4 hair also. I agree with Devri1 about naturallycurly.com, but also one thing that changed my life was detangling my hair while it is wet or damp. I remember being lifted off the floor while I was little getting my hair combed dry...Good lands! Just one little change prevents excessive breakage and allows me to detangle and keep my hair. Also, using a detangling comb to work whatever product I'm using through my hair gives my curls definition. I use SheaMoisture Curly Pudding or Curl Souffle'. These products help a wash and go last all week because they are so moisturizing to my hair.
i also have dense hair but i am 3b