I have type 3a/3b hair, any time i try to do a twist out my ends untwist, any tips?

I have 3a/3b hair. I always try to do a twist out by my ends always unravel and it never twists like it should. My hair doesn't curl like it use to. I just want me definition and body back.Any tips?

4 Answers

Try the twist and curl method. Your twistout method stays the same only thing you do different is you set your ends on a perm rod. In the morning you take your twists down and viola your ends are perfect. 
SophieNotSophia,This problem tends to happen to me, and it can be frustrating. But lately whenever I have used either a light hold gel or a twisting butter on damp hair, I see a better hold. Once you get down to the ends of your strands, twirl around your finger and hold for about 10 seconds to ensure that the twist will stay together. If you are transitioning, this could be a reason why your ends are not holding. it might be a good idea to start gradually getting trims until all of your processed ends are gone.
Great ways to keep your ends from unraveling are by either pin curling your twist to your scalp and securing with a bobby pin or using perm rod rollers.
I think using a moisturizing butter helps. It makes the hairs stick together a bit better, I think.  Plus, the hydration is good for your hair, right?