I have no idea how to style new curly hair!!!

I've had straight hair my whole life, until I became pregnant with my second child. So I started straightening it but it has become so curly that I can't get it completely straight. I don't even know how to start with styling my hair. I'm at the point that I always just always wear it in a messy bun.

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Hi! First I want to talk to you about shampoos. Most shampoos contain harsh detergents, called sulfates, that strip the hair of its moisture. The most common ones are sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Check your shampoo bottle. If it contains these ingredients, throw it away! You need to get a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your hair with. I recommend the brand SheaMoisture. Also, you don't have to shampoo your hair every day. Different people have different preferences. Some people do it every 2 days, some people do it every 2 weeks. If you've been shampooing your hair every day, then start off by shampooing it with your sulfate-free shampoo every day, then slowly go to 2 days, 3 days, etc. until you've figured out how long you can go before your scalp starts to get oily.You'll also need a good moisturizing conditioner. But a lot of conditioners contain bad ingredients called silicones. Silicones are used to make plastic and rubber. They basically form a plastic tube around your hair so no moisture can get in or out. Most silicones end in -cone, -col, -conol, or -xane. Check your conditioner's ingredients to see if there are silicones. If there are, you need a new conditioner. I recommend the brand SheaMoisture for conditioners too. But Suave Naturals and Vo5 have good conditioners as well, and they're really cheap. You should condition your hair every time you wash it. Use a good amount of conditioner. By the time you're done putting your conditioner in, your hair should feel smooth and silky. You actually don't have to rinse all of your conditioner out. Stand under the shower flow for a few second, then turn it off.Next up, products. Different people have different preferences for products. Some people can just not rinse out their conditioner, and they're good to go. But some people use leave-ins, sprays, serums, gels, and oils! You'll have to try different products to see what your hair likes. (Make sure they're silicone free too.) I personally like to use Kinky Curly Knot Today, a leave-in conditioner, and Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel. After you apply your products, you might want to dry your hair to soak up any excess product. Lots of people use their towel to squeeze their hair, but that can dry out your hair and make it frizzy. I like to use a cotton t-shirt to squeeze out excess water and product. I know some people who blow-dry their hair with a diffuser, but it usually makes my hair frizzy so I try to let it air dry.And now a few more tips...-Don't use a comb or brush! Combing your hair can break it and cause frizz. Instead, comb your hair with your fingers in the shower after you've applied conditioner.-Try to limit heat use as much as possible. I know it sounds overdramatic, but flat ironing your hair just once can cause damage.-In the morning, refresh your hair by spritzing it with water and/or applying some watered down leave-in/gel in it.-Buy a satin pillowcase. You can get pretty cheap ones from Amazon, just look up "betty dain pillowcases". They will prevent frizz and breakage. -I also recommend looking up curly hair routines on YouTube for ideas, or buying "The Curly Girl Handbook". That book really helped me start my curly hair journey. Hope I helped! If you have any questions please comment on this answer and I'll try to answer them! :)