How can i improve my curls? how can i get better definition? any tips?

[long background i'm sorry]Hi, my hair ranges from the lowest of 2b-3c at the max. my hair seems to be more 2c-3b more often.My hair used to only curl at the bottom and straight at the top however i had cut my hair a year ago and it switched. now the bottoms are straight and the top is very curly. my hair is damaged due to 3 years straight of everyday straightening about 6 years back,however i stopped all heat. i use good conditioner like devacurl and treseme curls, i use "Curls cremè brûlée" and it seems to work wonders,"bounce curl" however made my hair crunchy and weighted down.  i have waves but i also have tight spirals near my ears and top of my head. (my hair is about   almost as long to my belly button if that's important,i want it to grow to the bottom of my hips)my question:my hair resembles the first picture but i would LOVE to have curls like the second picture and believe my hair has potential if i change up some stuff. These one picture is my hair goals! how can i get my hair to spiral? any tips?

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