I just got my sholder length 2c hair cut into a short asymmetrical bob, the curl is gone, help?!!!

I've never done more than condition, gel  and scrunch and that's not cutting it, I would love any styling advice or product recommendations. Thanks in advance

1 Answer

I do understand you, there are a few reasons why the curl is lost. Let me tell you my story so you can see you are not alone.Recently I cut my hair from shoulder length to asymmetrical bob. First cut was a complete failure, I lost some curls and some I didn't, those that I lost were badly cut so they were not allowed to curl. The cut was a bob, but it wasn't layered it was a one length except for one side longer, and it was done on wet hair. 3 days later after I tried every technique I knew and product, I got a new cut. A dry one this time, the length was kept on the sides, the back was cut shorter and it the whole hair was layered. With the new cut my curls have more definition.The most common reason for curl lost after a cut is the cut itself. As in my case the curls weren't respected, they are often cut in the wrong direction or in the middle of the curvature so they fall flat or outwards.The comes the layers on your hair, curls and specially 2c needs the layers so each strand will form a curl, otherwise the weight of all the strands at the same length will pull them down. Another reason for the lost of curl pattern is damage and products use, but in your case most of the damaged hair, if you had any, should have been cut.And the last reason is the length of the cut. Because 2c starts to curl a few inches from the root, in my case it starts to curl at the eyebrow level. Since it doesn't start from the root, and the longer it is the more ringlets it has, at that length it will be loose waves somewhere in between 2a and 2b. In your case consider the cut. Was it done dry or wet? did it respect each curl or you can see some of them are cut wrongly? is it layered? If you determine that you got a cut not suited for your hair, you have 2 options. Find a new stylist and get it corrected or find a way to style it using pins and hair clips and let it grow.If the cut was right, you can do a deep conditioning, and style it as you always have. Use some cream, gel or mousse, air dry or diffuse (Remember quantities will be less, so careful to apply too much that will weight down your curl). And keep in mind it isn't curling because of the length and you will have to wait for it grow.I like my hair now, it is wavy not curly as it used to be shoulder length, but it's a nice wave, it's also a change that requieres less work, and once straight it looks great. Maybe I'll let it grow again and get my curls back. At the moment I have accepted that different length means different curl pattern.I hope this helps you understand what happened to your curls and find a way of styling them.