I just need an idea for a braid type that would be good for school

I've been thinking about a few options and I was wondering if any of you knew which was better, Senegalese twists or micro braids, now I've never gotten twists before but I am very used to micros and my edges do really well when I do get them. And I also need them to last a while because I'm getting them for school and I don't really have time to change it up a lot, and I don't want them to be to heavy... So any ideas?:)

1 Answer

Here are some photos of braid hairstyles. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curly-hairstyles-pictures/index/?search_text=&Hairstyles[]=Braids&Hairstyles[]=Micro+braids&Hairstyles[]=Tree+braids&Hairstyles[]=Box+braids&Hairstyles[]=French+braids&Hairstyles[]=Invisible+braids&Hairstyles[]=Goddess+braids&Hairstyles[]=Bob+braids