How can I loosen my TWA naturally without applying a chemical texturizer?

2 Answers

Good morning Harlem Rootz,As far as I know, that product does not exist but I do encourage you to accept the beautiful coils that you do have!Best,Amanda
If you really want to loosen your curl pattern, there is really no product that doesn't contain chemicals that will get the job done.  That being said, there are a couple of other alternatives that aren't exactly sure-fire, such as Henna.  While Henna is often used as a "natural dye" of sorts, people say that it loosens their curl pattern.  It doesn't, however, have this effect on everyone, so nothing is guaranteed at all, AND if it fails to loosen your curls, you might be stuck with hair color that you don't want, so I'd really think about resorting to this method.