How do I make my 2 strand twist look full if my hair is very fine & coily? Or do I need a new style?

3 Answers

I have had this problem too. I'm assuming you are referring to a two-strand twist-out, but correct me if I'm wrong. You can fluff and comb the roots with your fingers to get rid of the parts that show your scalp. You can also sacrifice keeping some curl definition for more volume by gently (so as not to loose all the curls) separating your twists into more pieces. Also if you are not doing so already, it may help to create the look of more volume if you take some perm rods or flexi-rods and put them and the end of each twist. Evelyn from the Internets does a good job of this since she too has fine coily hair. See a tutorial of the methods I have described here: from 2:57 to get right to the styling part)You could also try a Bantu Knot Out: that video she even suggests using bobby pins. You could use them to pin your hair into place to cover any scalp or parts that are still showing. You could also use them to create any updo look that might make your hair look more full. Evelyn and other YouTubers have plenty of video tutorials for other styles and updos you could try even if your hair is shorter.Some styles to try if your hair is shorter: hope that helps!
If your doing your twists small , you can try doing them a bit chunkier , that might help ?!
A good old fashioned hair pick will work wonders