Can I make my 2a hair turn curly/when I grow up will it turn curly?

My moms hair is very straight, but my dads hair is curly/wavy if that makes a difference. I attached a picture of my hair, I think it's 2a.

1 Answer

My story is a bit similar to yours. Mom's hair is straight, and dad's curly. I was born with straight hair and had straight hair all my childhood until 12/13 my hair was like yours slightly wavy and with time it became puffier and unmanageable. It was right after I hit puberty that it became the worst, I brushed it daily and forced it to be straight, all pointless effort. One day a curly friend told me apply some gel on your hair and the result was astonishing! I had curls.My point is your hair looks like a 1 some parts, some 2a and a bit of 2b; But in your genetics there is curly hair, and with a hormonal change that pattern might change into curly. Another thing is if you start the CG method now, it may surprise you how your waves turn alive, they may become wavier, or even curly. Anyhow the method will potentiate your hair pattern to its full potential :)So give it a try and if your hair will change, only time can tell. It might :)