How can I make my (2C) curls last longer?

My hair looks great right after scrunching out the crunch. But after a couple of hours my curls go all limp and stringy. How can I make my curls last the whole day? Products I currently use: * Deavcurl no poo * Tresemme naturals radiant volume conditioner* Herbal essences curl scrunching gelI've only been doing the curly girl method for 6 months, I used to blow dry and straighten my hair nearly every day. I do feel like the gel I use is soft hold but I like how slimy it feels, I tried the Herbal Esseces Set me up gel and the Giovanni L.a. gel but they both felt like glue and like they were separating the clumps I got from squish to condish and I was left with fluffy undefined waves. My hair is also low porosity and it's difficult to find gels that aren't loaded with protein. I live in Canada so it's difficult to find curly girl approved products altogether. Any advice?  

2 Answers

I'm also in Canada and I have had a lot of luck with DevaCurl Ultra defining gel (which I've surprisingly found sold at Chatters salons). I use it on its own or on top of Aveda's Be Curly Style Prep (not the Curl Enhancer cream, it contains silicones) if I'm looking for better curl definition. 
I'm 2b/c with fine low porosity hair and my hair doesn't care for the Deva Curl Ultra and I suspect yours might not either. You can try mixing your light gel with a hard gel to get something in between with a bit more hold? But you might benefit from some added moisture from a leave-in or even curl enhancer! I like Talia Waajid Curly Curl Cream or As I am Curling Jelly. But even a leave in like Kinky Curly Knot Today might help. I think you'd need a bit more gel hold with the added moisture products as well. I love your big clumps, I'm still working on getting less stringy ones. My ends were sliced my last few haircuts which thins them out and I know now, after ready The CG Method, that that's not good.