How can I make my hair look more voluminous while it is growing back?!

Hey all! I went through about a year of constant straightening and with that straightening came lots and lots of thinning by my stylist.  Once I started transitioning back to my natural hair, I began using a curling iron to help define my hair and make it look more voluminous. Sadly, the curling just continued to damage my hair. So NOW, I am trying to go all natural and heat free. I've seen the frizzy straight parts heal and become defined and I am super happy, EXCEPT my hair is so so thin. It seems so small to me, especially compared to how it used to be. I know eventually it will come back and that I need to be patient, but I am wonder if there are any styles (three strand twists, bantu knots, etc) that can help my hair at least look big again. Also, if you have any tips on hair growth, let me know! Thank you!

1 Answer

Well , taking biotin not only helps to make your hair grow faster , it also makes your hair strands thicker . And the Shea moisture company has a line of products specifically for getting thicker hair . Also , if you want volume , try blow drying your hair while holding your head upside down . When you put your head up again you will have more volume You should also invest in a pick .Slightly use the pick at the roots( and ONLY the roots ) and your hair will seem to be bigger Protein treatments ( like the one from the Aphogee line ) help to thicken hair strands and make them stronger . But if you do use a protein treatment you must use a deep conditioner afterwards so your hair doesn't dry out from all of the protein .As for styles , putting small Bantu knots around your head would be your best bet to getting fuller looking hair