What can I do with my medium-long 2c/3a hair other than wear it down?

Attached are two contrasting, but representative, photos. The red shirt picture is fresh out of the salon after a diffused blowout, and it's going to be my opera headshot; the dress picture is after knotting my hair out into a straighter pattern -- I don't do that often anymore, but I wanted to show you my glasses that I wear every day. How can I wear my hair to work and/or to events, other than down? The layers are too short to make one large braid, and I can't French braid my own hair at all. It is, however, long enough to get all of it into a top knot. I am looking for relatively quick (5-10 minute) updo ideas that work for tight waves/loose curls that aren't just normal ponytails.

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