I have mismatched curl patterns throughout the layers of my hair! What can I do to match them up?

I have 3a on my crown, 2c on my middle layer, and nearly straight on my bottom layer from around my ears to the nape of my neck. I hate getting the top done nicely and then the straight layer just limply hangs there. I usually try to get an undercut for this problem, however I have very fine hair and it just makes it look thin throughout. I am growing it out at the moment and am at about chin length for the top layer when dry. Sorry to be long winded but should I perm the bottom layer so it matches? Cut it off? What can I do that isn't super high maintenance?

2 Answers

You could try different sizes of flexi rods or perm rods if you want something without heat.
I have 3 curl types in my hair, usually I braid to uniform the curls much as possible. This works and looks nice, but sometimes the loosest curl pattern I have (which is in the back of my head at the nape area) will loose curls. I find that flipping my head upside down and adding product makes the hair also curlier and with volume. NOT raking but smoothing product and then scrunching. (Unless you don't want clumps then rake away!).You can also try twisting and pinning the least curly layers, so it picks up curls as it dries.I have dominantly 3B hair but depending on my length what I have to do changes. My hair is long enough to weigh my curls down now. When it was shorter I used leave in and a tiny brush (conair tiny one, small amount of bristles) and what you see in my image currently, that's what I got. Now it's super curly and frizzier, comes with the length.I do second Kenali's answer. I've tried flexi rods and it held up for a few days.