I need to blowout my hair to stretch it for a protective style I'm getting, HELP

Ok so I big chopped about 2.5 months ago, my hair is roughly 2-3 inches shrunken, but it's steadily growing. It is now the summer time and I am itching for a protective style. A couple of days ago I decided to attempt a blowout myself so that I could attempt my first twist out; I thought I'd done it correctly but after watching some videos on youtube, I see that I was terribly wrong. Im getting chunky cornrows/Ghana braids next week and I will need to stretch my hair to make the process easier (I'm going to a friend of mines, not a professional shop so I'm prepping my own hair) Im gonna attempt another blowout, but I NEED it to come out right this time. So my question is, is there some specific product I need to purchase (from Sally's? A local beauty supply?) What are the exact steps I need to take to do a proper blowout? I have 4b/4c hair, Coily, and I'm still in the twa stage.

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