I need help! Please help me find products for my hair

I just started styling my natural hair and I have no idea what hair type I am or what I need to do to maintain it. At times I have a few hairs that are curls the size of a sharpie then I have no curl and some waves. Any help on any thing is extremely appreciated!

3 Answers

okay, that looks like 2c- 3a. For products you fist need to learn your hair porosity, density, and width. Taking opinions from me, I think you should get shea moisture'hair smoothie and scrunch it in your hair. I also will need to start deep conditioning. For buy-able products I suggest shea moisture or jessicurl; for home made I suggest yogurt. If you want to try oils I'd go with olive oil or coconut oil. HOWEVER if you have low porosity hair don't use the oils. Hope I helped! 
Hey:) Use what you can from a hair care line Pro Naturals hair repair system brand which has shampoos, conditioner, hair masks, hair oils, all their stuff is made from argan oil that one is gentle for your hair and makes it really soft and shiny. It is sells online. It is really good.:):):):)
I have your hair type!!! :) scrunching the straighter parts help even it out and pulling on the really curly parts when it's wet. Layers help a ton