I need help styling 4a hair i have bought/tried countless products and nothing will define my curls

I belive i have 4a hair i can do twist out and as soon as i untwist and take a pick and fluff its an afro my hair is very close to being full medium length yet when i do styles that should be defining that length my hair ends up frizzy like a curly afro pleaseeee some one help

2 Answers

First, your hair is beautiful. Second, how much fluffing are you doing? I know that if I pull too much on my twist out it turns into an afro. Try a little less of the fluffing or just use your hands to pull some pieces here and there out; but not the whole thing. As far as defining, you just have to use trial and error. I would recommend a product I am using now called "true by made beautiful." I absolutely love the deep-condish, leave-in condish and the Hydrating Hair Butter. The hydrating hair butter really help define my curls as if I had applied a gel. Even when I do a twist out and the next morning unravel it, the curls (for me) were still there. You can get it at your local Sally's or online. 
I was doing alot of fluffing lol im working on not using my pik so much thank you i will try that out