I need help with styling and putting products in my hair after the shower!!!

Okay so basically I know how to wash my hair in the shower and all that jazz. I got some of it down pack at least I think. After or while I'm in the shower after Im done washing, I don't know what to do. I'm 14 years old and I have the basics of products. Do I put gel and oil? Do I LOC? I just put Miss Jess's Curly Cream Pudding in my hair and on the second day it is a total frizz ball. I don't know what to do. Help. Also on Tuesdays and Wednesday's I have volleyball practice at night. Is there a way to keep my curls still intact? My curls are about shoulder length and its kind of big. Help please.

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This is my hair after volleyball practice. I pinappled it. This is how my hair looks like in the morning too when I wake up
Your hair is really cute! I was going to ask you if you know your porosity? Does your hair absorb products easily or does it take some work to blend in? I'm no expert but I'd say your hair could be lacking moisture, so oil would definitely help. Maybe caster oil or a shea butter cream product leave in? I use a Cantu shea butter leave in, but there are other products you could try. (I actually have combination hair and it seems to work for me.) You maybe want to try protective styles like twists just to give a set shape and might last longer before frizzing. Eco styler gel is pretty good too, my best friend uses it and has 4a hair but it works for me too. You need to come up with a routine that can work for you, that includes maybe adding oil before you wash, helps the hair :) like leave it in for a while (I'm not sure on how long exactly but do wrap your hair in a bag or shower cap) and then go wash it out of your hair and do what you normally do. When you detangle you can add oil twist the hair in chunks. When you wake up undo the twists with cream smoothed between your fingers onto the hair, and it should help. -----------OKAY back... So the most important thing is to hydrate the hair before you shower (Also note to NOT wash your hair with shampoo all the time, it dries out the hair) and cowash on days between wash days. (Conditioner washing) Or refresh the curls with either store bought  or a homemade refresher spray.I have notes from the curly girl handbook: So before you wash your hair do either one of these, or both: Oil and/or conditioner. Shampoo, rinse add conditioner and leave it in until the end of the shower. Use your hands or a wide tooth comb to untangle. If your conditioner is a leave in, then just squeeze the hair towards your scalp to remove any extra conditioner. Then apply gel and scrunch-squeeze it into the hair. If you want some height to your hair, flip your head over and scrunch that way. Then you let it air dry, and don't mess with the curls because it will frizz! If you don't have a leave in conditioner for the last steps, use oil and cream leave in. Then apply Gel.I'm not an expert, so I'll check up on a few articles... but you can check out on here a few articles on LOC and styling and go on youtube. Theres a few blogger websites you can find too just look for "Caring for 3c/4a curls" or something.  Naptural85.comSo the products I think might help, just check them out see what you like!Cantu shea butter leave inShea Moisture Curl Enhancement SmoothieAs I Am Coconut Co WashOlive Oil Eco Styling GelAunt Jackie's Curl La La Castor oil/ coconut oil/ jojoba/ argan/ avocado/grapeseed (You can combine too so not just use one. Careful to not use too much)Eden Body Works products (You can read reviews in the store site on here some have the type of curls so you can tell it maybe ti works for you too)You DON'T have to follow everything I said, so find what works for you :)-------------OH and you can check out isisbeauty17 on youtube , has a few curly hairstyle for working out. Tasha green, Naptural85, Curls&beauty&life you get the idea ;)