I need to know which styling product is best for my wavy/straight/some curls underneath/dry hair?

My hair is straight to wavy and dry. Do I need to be using gel, curl cream, mousse, foam, hair oil? 

1 Answer

To figure this out, you need to figure out your hair's porosity, density, your strand width, annnnd your curl pattern.These will tell you why your hair is dry and what you should be using. I.E: Let's say you have low porosity hair, so its hard for moisture to get in. You would need to stay away from products with protein and always use heat when deep conditioning and conditioning your hair. You would also need to use lighter hair oils like grapeseed oil or products because anything heavy will just sit on top of your hair. The LOC (leave in condish, oil, cream styler) would be a better fit for you when moisturizing your hair than the LCO (leave in condish, cream styler, oil) because your cuticles are close to being closed and you dont need to worry about moisture getting out you need to worry about it getting in. On the flip side if you have high porosity hair its hard for your hair to stay moisturized because your cuticles are always up so moisture escapes. The LCO (leave in condish, cream styler, oil) would be a better fit for you when moisturizing your hair than the INFAMOUS LOC method because you DO need to worry about sealing in all of your moisture (the oil being last will help seal it all in.) You would need to incorporate protein in your routine to seal up the gaps in your hair strands.If your hair is high density, you could be using too little product right now. You may need more product because you have a lot of hair, or something heavier to keep it moisturized. BUT if you have low density hair then you could be using too much product because you dont have a lot of hair. If you have medium density hair you could be using too little or too much. To sum this up lol, all of those things matter. It's hard to give the RIGHT answer or do it right if you dont know what hair you have. Click here to help you find out everything I just explained. When you figure those out I can give you an exact answer :)I hope this helps love!