I need tips on how to get this hair style that i want.

I have really interesting curly hair. I have recently been trying to grow my hair out to be able to get this hair cut that I want. But my hair is really curly and I think that my hair is too tight and curly to naturally have this feel and look to my head. Does anybody have any tips on how to get my hair to look like this , like any products to use or any daily routines to do ?

1 Answer

I'm guessing based on what your hair looks like now that you could cut your hair like this and as it grows out if you keep getting it cut in this style it might look something like the photo. Definitely, keep using a conditioner on those curls first or leave-in conditioner–keep on keeping em' moisturized. Depending on how your hair behaves, you might want to use a gel with light hold or stronger hold based on how much hold you want or need to keep curls in place. Or if your hair is pretty coarse you might want to try a pomade like this one my friend recommended: http://www.target.com/p/old-spice-spiffy-hair-sty...He says to rub and spread it in your hands first and then work it through your hair. My friend also suggested that you might be able to get the same look with some plain old conditioner. If you notice that your curls get all defined and extra curly when you have conditioner in them, use a leave-in or regular rinse out conditioner (a moisturizing one) and leave it in your hair and style it smoothing or raking through with your fingers or whatever method gives you more of the look you want.Another option is a simple curl cream like this one: http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/sheamoisture-coco... (also sold at Target) that will moisturize and bring out your curls at the same time. Then if you want/need more hold, you could use it with a gel like: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlproducts/view/9...Or you could use that gel by itself. Try styling on wet hair, try styling on dry hair, on damp hair. See what works.Experiment! You have nice curls/waves going on!I hope that helps!