How do I preserve curls over night?

I need product in my hair, without it, my hair goes straight at the ends and extremely curly at the roots. Not including my bangs, which are mostly straight without product. So I put my mousses and gels and conditioners before sleeping and its big and curly all over, and when I wake up my curls are flattened and most of the curl is gone. It's there but you can barely see it because the straight parts cover them. I've tried pineappling my hair, and that worked for a while but lately my routine hasn't been working and it's been getting flatter and straighter. I can't give you a hair type because I have loose curls, tight crimped like waves, and square like curls and some curl I can't describe...somewhere between a tight wave and a curl. (Maybe in the 3's?) What hairstyles could I sleep in? Thank you! Note: my hair was heat damaged but I grew it out and cut most the damaged ends.

1 Answer

is your hair heat damaged? What I do is I put my hair in a huge loose pineapple on the top of my Head and some days I'll put it into a loose bun