I shaved my hair 2 months ago. Growing back fast, half an inch long. Need styling ideas for 2c pixie

Nearly 2 months ago I shaved my waist long hair for The Worlds Greatest Shave. I raised over $2000 (yay!) but now it's about half an inch long and starting to curl again? I NEED styling ideas for school, work etc. Thanks lovlies xxx

2 Answers

Wow! What a cool thing you did! With hair like that I like to use a stiff gel so you get bits standing up everywhere, chaotic-like.  I think it looks so cool.  Tying in a colorful narrow ribbon or something looks awesome too. 
Congratulations on your great efforts! That's very impressive. My hair was shaved on the back and sides and that's when I discovered that my wavy hair grows out away from my head rather than down. It was pretty frustrating at first but I used bobby pins when my hair was wet to try and train it to stay down in certain places. When my hair was dry I would take the bobby pins out. I didn't really use much product when my hair was that short because I found that pomades were too thick and smelled really manly. If you want to use product I'd go with a really light gel like Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/curl-junkie-curls-...If you don't have time to let your hair air dry with the bobby pins in, I would suggest blow drying it with a hair dryer nozzle, that'll direct the air so your hair lays the direction you want it to. The last tool that I used, if you don't mind heat styling, is a travel-sized flat iron. The plate is really small so you can straighten any really annoying parts.I hope that helps! And rest assured this is a temporary stage that you're in now, when my hair got longer (like an inch and a half to two inches) it was heavier and long enough for me to form waves and curls. My best advice is just to have fun and try new things in every stage!