I have short, gray hair, curly on top, straigh on sides & back; help

At 58 years old, I have dropped my hairdresser as she is AWFUL--no help or advice.  My short, gray hair is curly on top and straight (with a little flip in back and sides straightish on sides).  I've tried many products and cannot get the sides to curl more.   HELP!!!

1 Answer

Hi Lplaskin, It sounds to me like heat damage. Are you recovering from heat damage, by chance? Did you straighten a lot in the past? If so, repairing your hair is going to be important. The hair at the top of your head is the newest, so it's in its natural state. If you get a good trim you can start the repair process. Eat well, lots of veggies and protein. Here's an article about important vitamins for hair growth. Then, follow these tips for hair growth. Growing your hair out will mean restoring it to its natural state! 1. No heat! Put away the flat iron, blow dryer, etc. 2. No sulfates - sulfates dry out the hair and stunt overall health and growth of hair. 3. Deep treatments - try things like deep conditioner and moisturizing treatments to keep your hair happy. If you follow these guidelines, in time your hair will curl again. It requires patience. Good luck! :)