How can I stop my hair from being dry overnight while its in a style?

So I've been transitioning to natural for 2 years and 2 months and the major problem I have is how dry my hair gets at night while its in certain styles. When I do stretched styles like curlformer, perm rod, or flexi rod sets my hair is moisturized the next day perfectly. But when I try braid outs, flat twists & twist outs my hair feels really dry in the morning. It makes the styles look and feel awful. I don't know what to do? I sleep with a satin bonnet, I've tried sleeping with a satin pillowcase, but they don't really help with much. I've also tried using the same products I use for my curlformer sets for a twist out (Usually I use a different styling cream) but nothing is working. This has really been making me hesitate with big chopping. So what could be the problem/what can I do? Is this common or normal? My hair is usually moisturized but it's like overnight in one of those styles it dries out.

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