How do I stop my hair from being too greasy?

My hair is very dry and frizzy. I style my hair with cantu coconut curling cream and tresseme botanique conditioner. Every time I style my hair, I have to get it wet every morning, and I'm not able to let it go from a ponytail or bun and have it the way I want. I do put a lot of product in my hair, and after drying some parts are perfectly fine and others are sill so dry,frizzy, and don't curly. Since it always happens, I always put my hair in a high or low bun. After one day, I let my hair go, and it's disgusting and greasy, but again, parts are still dry.

1 Answer

Find out your hair porosity. Does a hair float or sink in a bowl of water after a few hours? Then find the articles on here about porosity b/c it makes a huge difference. You probably need lighter products than the Cantu. Ones that can get into your hair better if it is low porosity. Jane Carter Solutions has some spray products and Kinky Curly Knot Today is a liquid like product. Those could be used as a leave in. You can follow that with a combinations cream that is part moisture part hold like Shea Yucca & Plantain Styling Milk. Also look into the Curly Girl Method it lists all the do's and don'ts for your best curly hair.