How can I style my curls without using hair products and heat?

Hello,I can't use any kind of oil, mousse or hair product on my hair because of acne. I've tried to plop and to diffuse my hair and I achieved to give my hair volume. But I would like my curls to be more defined and less "messy" since it looks like I don't fix my hair in the morning.

2 Answers

You cant really style curly hair without some sort of product, try a leave in conditioner with a bit of gel to define your curls. Have you tried washing your face (or whearever the acne is) after applying the product? 
I agree with healthycurly, plus check out the ingredients of the products you know worsen your acne to try to identify what ingredients are specifically bad for you so you can find a product without them. If you don't really know try less chemical more natural alternatives like a diy flaxseed gel.