How can I style my hair to disguise a bald spot?

I recently had an accident with an industrial fan and while I'll recover ok I now have a large bald spot on the back left side of my head. I have long type 2c/3a hair although I'll probably cut the ends a few inches to get rid of some weight and damage. I was wondering if you had any tips for styling my hair do as to disguise and or cover the bald spot. Thanks!Molly

1 Answer

Hi, sorry to hear about your accident. Im not an expert in this, but there are a few products that night work ( as long as your scalp is  completely healed). Not sure of your hair color but you might want to try one of these:Colored dry shampoo ( ive used Batiste dark brown for thin areas) they aslo make blonde and other colors about$7.or Loreal Root touch up ( smaller bottle ) similar to colored dry shampoo. Different colors. Ive heard they run dark, haven't tried.Or Toppik or fibers, hair powder that are in diff . colors. You may want to try sample sizes first. Hope this helps.