I can't get my 4c hair to stick up like an afro?!

I have 4c hair that is BSL when heat stretched. When I wear my hair in a twist out or braid out, I can't get my hair to stand up. It kinda just falls, no matter how I part it. It's not limp or lifeless, so I don't think its a matter of protein. No matter how much I fluff or pick out the roots, the hair at the top of my head just falls to either side. I just want a curly fro! 

3 Answers

Are you sure you're 4C? That's kinda what we're known for... Probably cause it's stretched... I've never had this dilemma. It's always been the opposite. Girl, you one of a kind :)
I think the best explanation is because you heat stretched it. You could always do that thing where you pin your hair upwards if that works for you :)
Hey l0veshy,When you stretch 4C hair that's how it usually behaves if its well moisturized, at least in my experience. You also have a lot of length which usually weighs down curls of any type causing them to lay flatter or be more stretched. So, there's nothing wrong with your hair. From what I can tell its healthy, long and strong.If you want it to stand up more, here are some things you can try:Use less product, lighter weight products. Try light gels (Jessicurl Spiralicious) or styling lotions instead of puddings, creams and heavy gels.Do loose chunky twists rather than tighter more sleek twists or braids. The idea is to stretch the hair less so that it stands up more like when it is not stretched (I'm assuming your hair is afro-like when not stretched)You might like the look that a bantu knot out will give you. I can't tell you for sure, you'll have to try it, but it may give you more of a curly fro look.I hope that helps!