How can I temporarily style my hair to camouflage my pyramid/triangle shape?

In the winter I went to my stylist to get my hair flat ironed and cut into a bob. She did an amazing job and the bob was BOMB! The front was longer and the back was shorter and I had bangs with a side part. Now it is time to wear my hair curly and I cannot stand the shape. I did a flat twist and curl and the fronts of my hair near my ears are long to my chin, the and the sides are in a pyramid shape. Then I have bangs that stop at my eyebrows. The back is a slope where it is shorter at my neck and longer at the very top but flat at the crown. I really need styling suggestions until I can get to the salon to get some layers cut! Also my hair is low density so I want to add volume. 

1 Answer

Try putting the top front section of your hair up into a "ninja bun". This will give the illusion of even length throughout. I've been doing it since my last bob cut!