How do I trim my 4C hair?

I'm a guy with 4C hair that has gotten out of control. Honestly I know very little about managing an afro properly -- I just grew it out, and I have so few resources to actually deal with it at this point. I trimmed a few edges which, of course, made my hair style unevenly and since then I've turned to compressing and smooshing it to keep it in this strange, sometimes okay-looking style. But I want something natural, and a bit loose like what Childish Gambino has in the image attached. I want to be able to shake my hair out in the morning and let it air dry and just keep it healthy and occasionally trimmed. Unfortunately, I can't find any place in Vegas that I feel comfortable going to get my hair trimmed, and I know I can do it myself. But I don't know where to start. I guess it's really important to note the gradual curvature of the hair I want. I feel as if a trim usually implies a perfectly even cut, but I want a styled trim simply because my earlier attempts would require me to cut unevenly. How would I accomplish this?

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