Im mixed & have unqiue hair (type 4a,3b,2c) would a sew in be bad for it? I NEED HELP!!!!

My hair has been damaged from bleaching it 3 times the past year and I am currently suffering/ restoring my hair back to health. Basically its growing, however my ends are still blonde and they're falling off. I keep my hair curly because the iron damages my hair but I wear a pony tail almost every day so theres more damage. Im to the point where it's such a hassle I'm considering a sew in weave just so my hair can get a break from the pony tail and straightener and its easier for me to deal with. But my hair is thin but a lot and was wondering if a sew in weave would just completely rip my hair out. Is it a bad idea to do?

1 Answer

Any texture and curl pattern can hold a sew-in. In fact, many "straight haired" stars rock sew-ins all the time (under the guise of "extensions"). Sew-ins are a two-edged sword. They can be helpful when growing out your hair because you are not manipulating your own hair, you are protecting it from the elements and other methods of breakage, and you have a chance to really nurture it and just let it grow. HOWEVER, you are always ONE bad install away from SERIOUS hair and scalp issues. Just one. If the braids are too tight or if the thread is pulled to taught it could break your edges and your strands respectively. If you have leave out that must be straightened in order to blend with the weave, it could cause more damage to that area of the head. Here are a few tips from me- someone who wears extensions regularly...1) only use a certified stylist with a track record of caring for the health of their clients hair. This will probably be more expensive but you will have the reassurance of knowing that your hair is in capable hands.2) get a good trim prior to the install. The tension the hair will go through during the install process could aggravate whatever damage you already have and make it worse. By removing this damage you eliminate that possibility.3) treat your hair with the utmost care leading up to the install. Make sure you have done your protein treatment. Make sure your hair is detangled, clean, and moist before you set foot in the salon. Do not stress your strands and follicles any more than you have too. 4) Choose hair that does not require blending OR get a full sew-in with no hair left out. This way you do not stress and damage your hair even more while it is in the protective style. Lastly I have a question: how tight are your ponytails? It probably isn't good practice to wear them so tight and constricting that they are causing more damage.