What can I use to bring my curls back?? It used to be so curly and bouncy now some parts don't curl!

3 years ago I chopped off ALL my hair and it grew back so healthy and the curls so bouncy, defined and perfect! I didn't dye my hair for 2 1/2 years and once I did I bleached it and now I regret it cause my curls have no definition in the front. I didn't bleach the back and you can tell the difference. And some parts in the front just don't curl at all! Please give me advice! Is it at a point of no return unless I chop it again or is there something I can use to get them back?

1 Answer

Your dye may have been too strong and broke down the protein in your hair, causing it to loosen, stiffen and possibly be much more dry.With that being said, you should try a moisturizing  protein treatment (I hear the Mielle Organics Babassu Conditioner is great) to try to restore some of your curls. If you don't find that your hair is extremely dry, you could just go for a regular strengthening treatment (I also hear Aphogee works wonders, but you can easily google some homemade recipes if that's your fancy!) Typically chemical damage is irreversible, but getting a treatment may help to at least rejuvenate some of those lost curls for the time being.You should build a routine for your hair and begin wearing it in low-manipulation, protective styles to help it grow out if the results from a protein treatment are not what you desired or your hair just doesn't respond at all. Just be careful with protein, some curlies (typically low porosity) are protein sensitive, and their hair reacts not-so-ideally to protein. However, by your hair being colored the cuticle is much more raised than when your hair was not colored, so this may not be a concern for you. However, still be careful.Good Luck!