Should i use a curl cream before gel, or gel then cream

I'm changing my hair routine (didn't feel like my curls were looking the best they could) and i used to use a water bottle to dampen my hair then add gel then go get dressed and stuff then dampen a little more and add mousse and usually leave with wet/damp hair. I would use leave in conditioner but only after i washed my hair.   Now I'm going to add a serum and I'm switching the leave in conditioner.  The gel i got is the same as the new leave in conditioner and detangler but it wasn't doing the job completely so i bought the ogx kukuí oil curl cream and im not sure if i should use it first then the gel. I'm thinking about starting to co wash. Would that be a good idea for my hair and any suggestions on a order to do this stuff in to help with a new routine is highly appreciated.

2 Answers

Always do the cream before the gel. Doing it the other way around will make the hair messy and have a white residue.
I have 4a hair but 4b/c at the crown.  I found that if i use any type of butter or creme I lose all curl definition unless I use the gel after.   I've started avoiding shea butter for a while because I figured my hair just didn't like it, but I tried Uncle Funky's Daughter, Brilliant Shine Creme and it is amazing as long as I use the gel immediately after.   I don't get residue if I do it the other way around, I just completely lose curl definition.