How can I use products w/glycerin w/out getting the frizz? I live in New Orleans-HUMID!

I just chopped all the perm off my hair. I have 1-2 inches of natural 3c hair. I used Hawaiian Silky gel and loved the way my hair looked and felt. Before applying it I shampooed, put a leave in conditioner and olive oil. It air dried but about 5 hours later, it looked like a shrunken frizzy bush. I read that it could be the glycerin in the gel. I live in New Orleans and it's HUMID. Is there any way to use products with glycerin without getting the frizz and shrinkage? Any recommendations for curl definers that define curls without the frizz? Tried ecostyler but it's not for me. Help, I'm new to this and am trying not to revert to the perm.

2 Answers

If you are not now, then you probably want to start incorporating deep conditioning. Also, shrinkage is inevitable, especially if your hair is only 1-2 in. Have you considered wearing a flat-twist out? This will not guarantee no frizz, but it can help to reduce frizz and stretch the hair. Longer hair has more weight, which helps with elongation and decreases shrinkage, but nothing will ever eliminate shrinkage but straigtening. Don't relax your hair because of frizz. Hair is equally beautiful with and without frizz.
I am only a 2c but with the high humidity and high dew points in Nashville, my Summer routine is void of glycerin!! I have several products that I liked when styling and in the A/C of my house but like you said, 5 hours later- frizz and no curl definition left for me. So, recently I tried a routine without glycerin and I am doing much better. Also know that there are some other humectants besides glycerin that also draw moisture to the hair but not as badly, common ones are Aloe Vera, sugar, honey, sorbitol, agave, if I'm not mistaken. Just FYI so you don't layer on to many of those as well. As for product recommendations, here is a Winter hair routine that is Glycerin free which can be helpful since you should probably focus on moisture not glycerin. Hope it helps.