How can I get more volume without heat?

I have 3a/b long, thickish hair and would like to have more volume in it with out using a hair dryer as it has a tendency to frizz at the slightest breeze!  At the moment after conditioning I use mousse at the roots, scrunch with R&B hair moisturiser and then 'plop' it.  Are there any products that would work better or a quick way of getting big hair in the morning?Also, it's all one length, would having long layers help?Cheers

2 Answers

Layers would DEFINITELY help with volume. Also separate your curls more so they're less clumpy, which will add fullness. Maybe styling your hair while damp instead of soaking wet. When fully dry, flip your head over and put your fingers in your hair by the root and shake your fingers or massage your scalp.
try to apply moose to your hair. It's suppose to give you more volume and suppose to make your hair curlier. As the person above me said, try to add layers, it would look great, and help you hair. Here are a few links that may help you out..