How do I give waist length hair more curl?

I have waist length red hair that is usually about 2b or 3a. The underside gets really curly, the canopy gets frizzy, and the roots get flat even though I clip them and diffuse upside down.I've been no-poo since november (love it!!), detangle with conditioner, and plop with a t-shirt.I know the best thing for more volume would be to get a hair cut and some layers, but I'm working on growing it out for locks of love. I've got about six more inches to go for my goal.Any styling tricks for more defined, springy, long curls?Thanks very much.

1 Answer

Try scrunching your hair when you get out of the shower and applying a holding gel. I like to use Shea Moistures holding gel but it is very light but since your hair is alot longer, its alot heavier than mine so you might want to try a heavier gel. In my opinion, I find most of my favorite curly products in Target and are also in Walgreens.