I wore a twist out on a humid day and my curls reverted back to normal?

I used Eco styler and I did small two strand twists in the back of my head. As soon as we got to Busch Gardens, my stretched waves reverted to shrunken coils. Honestly, it was my first attempt at a twist out AND it was my first time wearing my own hair out so it was a new experience completely. Is it normal for a twist out to revert due to humidity or are there products I can use that are humidity proof? The attached pic was after returning from Busch Gardens. My hair was actually stretched down to my shoulders in the morning and shrunk to this by afternoon. 

1 Answer

This is normal, humidity is just another word for moisture in the air. Any type of moisture will cause ur hair to revert back, if you want to keep your hair stretched try including a hair gel into your regime.