How to identify my curl pattern and how to style?

First off, thank you for reading and providing your insight!I am a Middle Eastern college student who, about six months ago, decided to stop frying my hair with hot tools. My hair is about shoulder length, though (growing out a pixie cut), and it tends to dry in a triangle shape, without much definition. Some days, my hair care routine works great, and the curls will hold their shape, but most of the time they don't cooperate.My biggest issue has been identifying my curl pattern, and finding the right products to use. I'm not sure what products to invest in because I don't know what works for my kind-of-wavy/kind-of-curly hair. I have attached a few photos, featuring my hair on the days that it decides to cooperate. My current product routine is as follows:-Wash (no poo) and condition-Add leave in conditioner and coconut oil--comb through to distribute -Scrunch hair with Shea moisture curling hair soufflé -Twirl front pieces if more definition is neededThank you so, so much!! I look forward to learning from you. 

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