I'm 3B grl. I wet it,& let it curl. I need a M-F "dry style" product. Any idea's ? Thanks

I am a 3B girl.  I often wet it, put in deep conditioner/coconut oil and just let it curl.  I want to "comb-it-out" & wear it down.  I'm looking for a product that will keep my hair moisturized through the day.  I'm also looking for something to reduce the " frizz ".  Are any of you beautiful people having the same issue ?  What product(s) worked to reduce the frizz and keep your locks moist ?  Have a Blessed day. Thanks, Jeanine C  @;)     

2 Answers

I would suggest a curl cream. You can find some that provide moisture and hold. I also wouldnt reccommend combing your hair dry, if thats what you were refering to. God bless!
Maybe a hair milk, light cream, or souffle could do the job. Also, have you considered finger coils (twirling your hair around your finger )?