I'm 3b and this year i graduate from high school, how do i style my hair that day? Frizz problem

1 Answer

Depending if you know how to braid the hair to the scalp there's many cute hairstyles. And if not there's always the easy twists! You can put a braid across your head like a braided hairband. You can also braid the left and the right and clip together in the back with a cute clip above that. If you want to braid the hair entirely do about 3-4 sections on your hair over this weekend and remove the next day see how the hair looks. (To see if you like it and DON'T forget to moisturize with a good leave-in). DO deep condition the hair so it's well moisturized and maybe get a nice holding gel like ecostyler. Try not to touch the hair= makes frizz.If you have hair tools like rollers you can use that but make sure to add a light serum or something to keep frizz away. Does the frizz happen specifically on the top of your head? Does it happen and poof up and out? is it just on certain curl clumps? is it only the front?