Im in the military and need to keep a sleek low sock bun. Sugg on how to style w/out damaging hair?

Im transitioning to natural approx 25 weeks post relaxer. Usually i brush my hair wet to get it sleek but i know thats horrible for hair. Any suggestions on how to get a sleek bun with low manipulation?

1 Answer

I suggest Smooth n' Hold pudding. It's cheap and works great for me. It actually has multiple uses. I use it for my twist-outs and braid-outs. But I have also used it on my bi-racial friend to smooth her bun. I find it's easier and less damaging for me to make a bun with a part. That way the front of my hair can be pinned back instead of having to brush it all back. Also what I try to do is mainly use a toothbrush for smoothing the hair down. Because using my hands just doesn't work for me but a toothbrush is softer than most brushes and is less likely to snag or break hair.