I'm performer with 2c hair and need no-heat styling tips for the stage.

i live in the tropics and so am always struggling between needing to weigh it down but then having it be greasy and moist all day.my curls look best first day of a wash but takes three or four hours to dry.wash and go is a pretty idea for everyday, but for the stage it isn't polished enough. I would still like to wear my hair down though.. and not have to use heat...any ideas? Attached is a picture of what my hair looks like onstage and off...

2 Answers

Have you tried using curlers or rags overnight? Pin curls might work too.
What about a half up-do? Just pin 2 pieces of hair to the back, and pin it with a nice hair accesory. And totally off topic, but do you perform in Indonesia? I noticed the clothes, love it!