I'm not sure now when heat damage actually occurs...

I know that heat can damage hair, and everyone usually recommends low heat setting if any, but lately I haven't been sure. Being that I'm just now actually paying greater attention to hair rules (naturals) I wanted to get this straight. One article I found says you usually only get heat damage at 450 degrees or higher.... not sure if this is accurate so wanted to ask. Also, I should note that I don't often use heat to style, rarely at all in fact ( we're talkin several months in between, if not a full year ), and I needed to know what's safest for using heat to stretch my hair b4 a trim. Plus, when I blow dry, I usually use a blow dryer attachment thats like a little baggy/helmet to diffuse heat over my head.

1 Answer

Technically, heat damage can happen anytime whenever you use any sort of heat. Even heat from the sun can damage your hair if the day is 1) Hot enough 2) You stayed out outside for too long without protection or 3) You have no heat protection when outside.Hair is different for everyone so the 450 degrees rule might be 200 degrees or 100 degrees. It all depends on your hair texture and the density of the hair and strands.