how important is it to have a good hair dryer or will the cheap dryers do the trick

3 Answers

I think a cheap blow dryer will do just fine if you are using it very often.What do you consider cheap?How long and how often do you plan to use the dryer? These are questions you should consider before making a purchase.
Sometimes a really high quality blow dryer can make all the difference. What you wanna look for is a good hair dryer that isn't too hot, has a gentle air stream, has a cool setting, and an awesome diffuser that you can attach. With a good hair dryer you will notice your hair more defined and healthier feeling. 
Hi,I'm a 3b and just did my BC. You will definitively need a good hair dryer since you can achieve with it both, to straight your hair or use it with the diffuser for your curls. In humid places a cheap blow dryer will not make the trick. Also, a good one will last forever. I bought mine for 75 euros, which is like 100 dollars four years ago and it is in perfect conditions. Good luck!