Is gel really bad for your hair? What is the ideal curl definer?

4 Answers

Different types of hair need different products to produce the desired result (whatever that may be). My hair responds best to heavy puddings and cremes (I need something to hold down the volume and keep the curls from frizzing). Heavy puddings and cremes also keep my hair bouncy, which may sound contradictory, but my ha isn't naturally bouncy, so I have to put the cremes on it to make it bouncy.My mother tends to use gels instead. Especially activator gel. Her hair is finer than mine and responds to gels better. You have to find what works for you. Heavy cremes and puddings may way down your hair, whereas gel may make it crunchy and stiff. You may like a light moisturizer or mousse.
Gel in and of itself isn't bad, but you just have to look at the ingredients to see what's in the gel to decide if it's no good for you. 
My hair responds better to deep conditioning. Gel gives a great shine and definition at first, but after the day it gets kind of frizzy. But I'm afraid that mousse is going to give me a lot of build-up, considering the big use of silicones in it.
Gel is not bad but it may cause flakes depending on how much you apply.... You should use mousse. It gives you a shine and it keeps your curls the whole day ( if you curl it).