Is my Remington frizz therapy flat iron good?

I recently bought a Remington frizz therapy flat iron. It was only $40 and it has a lot of features that more expensive straighteners (Sedu, FHI and CHI) don't have. It has a digital heat setting that I can adjust, I can lock the temperature (so I can't accidentally change), and I can lock the plates together. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find many reviews about it by natural women on YouTube or any other sites. I would really like to hear from any one else who has tried this straightener. No one else seems to know about this brand of straighteners but me. I would like to know that I have invested in a quality product. Could anyone tell about what they think about this hair tool?

1 Answer

I don't know that one. Hopefully someone else will weigh in!  You might check out the product reviews area of this site to see if anyone's reviewed it there.