Itching For the Straightener...Why Did I Cut My Hair?

I had my hair cut to about my shoulders maybe a month ago because I wanted to see if I'd have better curls and less frizz. I explained to my stylist my issue with calics, I guess they are, these very stubborn and strong curls at either side of my head which like to pop out and can really only be tamed with a flat iron. She said she'd show me how to style my hair to fix this. Once she'd cut my hair and washed it, she scrunched in a palmful of gel, put me under the dryer until my hair was as hard as a  helmet, then fluffed and mussed my hair until it had no defined curls (which was the aim of shorter hair....I'm not the type to tease my curls) and was twice as big. This somewhat hid my calics, but I left feeling uneasy. Now, I have good and bad hair days. My calics are ten times worse than before though. My stylist definitely cut at least one calic shorter than even my shortest layer!!! If I were to let my hair air dry without pinning them back I'd literally have a spindly corkscrew curl at the top of my head on one side, and a big ol' bump on the otherside which had more hair from my part. So I have to pin back my hair until it dries, sometimes longer if they haven't been pulled out, sometimes the whole day. Usually the day after washing my hair looks great, shiny defined curls and minimal frizz. But lots of other days it deflates into awkward waves and straightness. For some reason I have two bits framing my face which are about an inch shorter than the rest of my hair, it looks very awkward to me, like from an ugly duckling stage of middle.But anyway- I don't know what to do! Agh! Here are some photos of good and bad days. 

1 Answer

Your hair is gorgeous, thats the first thing i need to say. I love it.Second, let it grow. With the right products and right care you wont have frizz and your curls will be defined. And even though short curly hair is really pretty, i personally think that long curly hair is stunning. So do some oil treatments, dont use heat. Use bobby pins to reform your curls. For example on second day hair, when your hair gets kind of straight, wrap it around your finger and bobby pin it onto your head and let it stay for a while. Thats better than using heat.