I've Tried Everything

I've been a "curly girl" for about a year now. I shampoo my hair maybe every 4-5 days, cowashing when needed. No sulfates or silicones. I put my products on sopping hair and plop. I don't diffuse because my mornings are always rushed. I had my hair cut shorter in November because I'd always had long hair and I was hoping I'd have some nice curls. I totally regret it. Usually on day 2 or 3 my hair will look good, having recovered (frizz-wise) from the wash it'l be shiny with nice defined curls. But all other days it's either frizzy and hard to tame, or frizzy and kind of limp looking. I'll put pics of my long hair and of my current hair. When my hair was cut the stylist cut my calics (stubborn very curly bits on either side of my face) way short so they stand out even more now. Unless I wanted to tease my hair to twice it's normal size (how this stylist wanted me to style my hair to hide the calics) I have to pin these parts back when wet so they dry a bit straighter. And often they still stick up. The stylist also made pieces framing my face that are an inch or so shorter than the rest, I think it looks odd.so I'm at the end of my rope. I'm sick of my hair looking so awkward and not cute, I'm fairly sure I work twice as hard as most people to make it look good but to no avail. I'm not sure my hair will ever look good curly, it's an awkward inbetween curly really. Even when it was long I still had sticky up curls around my face and lots of frizz. I've never religiously straightened my hair bc my straightener sucks but I'm seriously considering making it my routine.

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Hey there! I have gone through what you have. plopping normally leaving my. Hair flat and too pouffy. I would recommend you trying, instead of Appeling products on extremely wet hair, instead apply on more damp hair. Mousse is one of my absolute favorites, and if you take it into consideration get mousse for curly hair. If you don't want to mess with your curls after the shower simply scrunch the mousse in and don't run your fingers through your hair. But most importantly just expirement, it's the only way to learn your hair. You can try leave in conditioners, such as (It's a ten). But if it's a ten is too expensive try for something cheaper. You can also try gels which prevent firzzing. Lastly, parting your hair more to the center, (not to close not many people can pull of hair parted in the center. ) it may help the look of your hair. I hope I helped some, and I wish you best of luck. Oh and don't try flat ironing, it will damage your hair badly, because you really do have pretty soft curls! I know so! :)