What kind of products are my curls crying for?? I'm so confused

I have fine fragile hair that break easy. My curls dry out instantly and very few curls in my whole head of hair look shiny or remotely healthy. I have a relatively oily scalp and my hair can get weighed down easy. Some porosity tests would leave me to believe I have high porosity hair, but other say low. I'm just so confused and don't know where to start. I've cut out sulfate and have tried so many products, but there is just so much information out there and I need some sort of direction. Thank you for any help in advance!

2 Answers

Hi ! Just my 2 cents ( I m not an expert ) My hair used to be dry, fragile. I have long healthy , 2b fine , but heavy hair. First, if you are oily scalp, you might need to clarify with shampoo and baking soda. I really like V05 Balsam extra body ( from doll. tree or grocery ) yes, I know , dirt cheap, but works for me, once a week. An your usual in between . I wash every other day.  If you have not have a trim in 3 months or less, you might need an inch off.. for styling I like OGX Creamy Hair Butter as my leave in, then Cantu Define and Shine Custard as my styler. Only very thin coat of OGX. then styler on wet hair. Keep in mind Im not fully CG ( I do use sulfates and occasional silicones with no problems)Cant not afford CG, but wouldn't change my mind if I could. Hope this helps.
Ps , both of these products have greatly improved the health of my hair:)