At what length can I put my hair up (into a puff or bun)?

Hi,I am big chopping soon ahh :) I am big chopping after 1 yr 3 months and I have 3b/3c hair, at what length will I be able to put it up into a puff. My hair is pretty long in the back and short in the front. If I am going to BC I need my hair to be able to go up into puff/bun. Thank You. 

1 Answer

If you are cutting it into a twa  (teeny weeny afro) then you won't be starting off wearing puffs or buns right now. Once you get to about shoulder length you should be able to. I cut my hair into a tapered fro, so my back and sides were shorter than the rest but I could still get it into a puff by using Bobby pins for the back(flyaways). If you can get your hair into a little ponytail or bun then u can use Marley or kanekalon hair to wrap around it into a bun.