LOC method is too greasy/Non-LOC is frizzy

I have 3A hair. Since it's been cold, it has started looking dry and frizzy with less "bounce" than before. So I tried the LCO method (not LOC) for the first time today and my hair came out SO greasy looking. Did I just use too much product or is LCO just for type 4? Are there any other methods I could try to get more hydration without looking greasy?Here's the products I'm using:Matrix cleansing conditionerL: Dr. Miracle's Leave in ConditionerC: Cantu coconut curling creamO: Jojoba oilGel: Deva curl ultra defining gelP.S. the photo is from the summer so it doesn't show the frizzy/dryness or the oilyness.

2 Answers

I can definitely say that the Cantu product is probably what is making your hair greasy in addition to the layering. Are you using shampoo at least once a week? Check out Cristina's favorite wavy products here http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/category/cristinas-favorites/
I agree with Amanda! I think there may be too much with the oil. If you have been using the Cantu before and it's been working then just cut the oil or just smear some in your hands after styling and scrunch lightly at the ends. Since it's cooler too you might need more humectants in your products like glycerin. Use the Frizz Forecast here on NC for a little more info on weather in your area (click Explore at top L, then you'll see it). Also, here are some options other than LOC for wavies and looser curls that you might find helpful:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwYsto4Iv-UAnd finally if you are low porosity, then heavier things and oils likely won't work as well for you. Gorgeous hair btw!